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Smudging is the common name given to the ancient practice of the sacred smoke bowl blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from the Native North American tradition. Smudging, the burning of sacred plant leaves, calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance & harmony within a person or space. Smudging is the Art of Cleansing Energy for yourself and your environment using simple ritual and ceremony.

Homes and bodies are not just made of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with invisible energy. Cleansing a space or our bodies clears away emotional and mental stressors & energy that has been left behind hindering. The effects of smudging can be swift and dramatic therefore, be mindful of the Universe, Positivity and what is in the highest good of everyone.

Smudging with herbs such as White Sage, Mugwart, Sweetgrass & Yerba Santa can bring your family closer together and let you adjust to the healing seasonal rhythms throughout the year. We offer products from herbs; rosemary & lavender to resins; frankincense, myhrr & copal to smudge bowls, feathers, how-to-books as well as a variety of smudging sprays and soaps.

White Sage is primarily used to cleanse negativity from a person or space, it is highly antiseptic and quite calming which aids in calming the mind and allowing for a person or group to meditate or focus their energy. Sweetgrass is known to attractive positive energy to a person or space. Mugwart is commonly used to enhance psychic intuition and opening of the Third Eye Chakra. Yerba Santa is widely used to set a protection border around a person or area…such as a home, vehicle or office. Above all, smudging any space may bring in renewal and banish negativity through a sacred holistic approach.